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1 Argumentative Paper InstructionsWrite an Argumentative Paper. The paper MUST be 2 – 3 pages (no fewer than 500words).I- Pattern of Development:


Argumentative Paper Instructions

Write an Argumentative Paper. The paper MUST be 2 – 3 pages (no fewer than 500


I- Pattern of Development: Argumentative

II-Select one of the debatable topics provided by your professor to write your

argumentative essay.

III- Students must choose a clear position on the issue and present a sound argument

to support their stance.

IV- The thesis statement/claim must include 3 reasons to support your claim.

V. The supporting paragraphs must include topic sentences and research evidence (i.e.

facts, statistics, expert opinions, etc.) to support the claim.

VI- The body of the paper must have a counterargument paragraph with two opposing

views with refutations for each opposing view.

VII- Support your claim with at least 5 credible sources from the LIRN databases. Do

NOT use Wikipedia as a source.

VIII – All sources of information must be cited in APA in-text and a separate reference

page should be included.

Students/ evaluators must focus on the following:


• Content development: Formal and informal rules that constitute what is seen

generally as appropriate within different academic fields (e.g., introductory strategies,

use of passive voice or first person point of view, expectations for thesis or hypothesis,

expectations for kinds of evidence and support that are appropriate to the task at hand,

use of primary and secondary sources to provide evidence and support arguments and

to document critical opposing perspectives/counter argument on the topic). Writers will

incorporate sources according to disciplinary and genre conventions, according to the

writer’s purpose for the text. Through increasingly sophisticated use of sources, writers

develop an ability to differentiate between their own ideas and the ideas of others, credit

and build upon work already accomplished in the field or issue they are addressing, and

provide meaningful examples to readers.

• Context of and purpose for writing: The purpose for writing is the writer’s

intended effect on an audience. The ways in which the text explores and represents its

topic in relation to its audience and purpose. Writers aim to persuade by using

persuasive strategies to clarify complexity or confusion on an issue. They might want to

argue with other writers or connect with other writers and the audience by way of

conveying urgency or need for an action to take place.

Disciplinary/Genre conventions: Formal and informal rules for particular kinds of texts

that guide formatting, organization, and stylistic choices

• Evidence and Sources: Source material that is used to extend, in purposeful

ways, writers’ ideas in a text (i.e. statistics, case studies, expert opinions, facts,

examples, etc.). This includes written or visual texts retrieved from academic databases


(scholarly journals, indexes, documentaries, news articles) that writers draw on as they

work for a variety of purposes—to extend, argue with, develop, define, or shape their

ideas, for example.

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