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Compare economic indicators of different countries

Topic compare economic indicators of two countries Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details

You will be assigned to compare economic indicators of two countries randomly choose by your student number (see Appendix). The data can be download from the course website or the link below, and World Bank database. Due on March, 27 at the beginning of the class. 1. Plot a line graph of the Real Growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of country A and B from 2000 to 2015, and now plot a line graph of the Nominal Growth of GDP in another graph. Discuss the difference between these 2 graphs. 2. Plot a line graph of the Growth of GDP per capita PPP of both countries from 2000 to 2015. Does the figure illustrate the economic convergence? 3. Plot the Phillipe Curve (relationship between unemployment rate and inflation) of country A from 2000-2015 using a scatter plot. Is this Phillipe curve consistent with a theory? 4. Plot the real interest rate, inflation rate, and real economic growth of country B from 2000 – 2015. Discuss relationship of these 3 variables. 5. Choose one indicator from the World Bank database that you think it should be set as one of the government policy goal. Plot this variable of both country from 2000 – 2015 and briefly explain.

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