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Explain how urban legends have carried over into our current culture

Essay #1‐ In class we have discussed urban legends. Explain how urban legends have carried over into our current culture. How do they affect us as a society and continue concepts and structures of traditional mythology.

Also, how do urban legends like myths teach us a “moral lesson”. Please give examples to support your thoughts. Essay #2‐ Name and explain ALL the stages of Joseph Campbell’s “Hero Journey” as it is outlined in “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”. Please use STAR WARS (and/or our readings) to give clear examples. Is Luke Skywalker truly heroic or has he fallen into this path by luck? Destiny? Coincidence? Consider traditional archetypes (symbolic and character). Essay #3‐ Outline the stages of Joseph Campbell’s “Hero Journey as it pertains to your own life. Write your own Journey…. This option has more freedom. Simply focus on how you have followed your own path and discuss each step of the journey. You will be graded on how well you use the themes we have discussed in class and established by your readings/films to create a thoughtful analysis of what is being asked of you in each essay question. Please use quotations when relevant. The questions in each essay question are meant to be a guide not what you necessarily need answer‐ but you can if it will help you to establish your thoughts.

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