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FIU Health & Medical Trends in Health Services Administration Essay Nursing Assignment Help

Current Health Services Administration (HSA) News Article/Trends in healthcare administration”.

Assignment #1


  1. Choose current articles related to Health Services Administration (HSA) and or any chapters within the course required textbook. Your chosen article must be from a reputable source (journal article, newspaper, etc.) that has a date of publication. Your article  do not need to be  approved by the instructor, however, if you are not sure if the article you chose is acceptable notify the instructor via course email before the assignment is due. 
  2. The article’s publication date should be from September of 2018 to the current date (this is supposed to be a current event). Do not use Blogs and or Wikipedia. Try to utilize FIU online Library for your article of choice.
  3. You are expected to read and report on your article in a Document.

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The assignment requires students to choose a current article related to Health Services Administration (HSA) and report on it in a document. The chosen article should be from a reputable source with a publication date from September 2018 to the present. Students are advised not to use blogs, Wikipedia, and to utilize the FIU online Library for their article selection.


To fulfill this assignment, students should take the following steps:

1. Begin by conducting research on current articles related to Health Services Administration (HSA). It is important to choose a topic that is relevant and aligned with the course content. Students should consider utilizing the FIU online Library to access reputable sources such as journal articles and newspapers.

2. Once students have identified a suitable article, they should verify that it meets the specified criteria, including a publication date from September 2018 to the present. It is crucial to ensure that the chosen article is not from a blog or Wikipedia, as these sources are not considered reputable for academic purposes.

3. After selecting the article, students should thoroughly read and comprehend its contents. They should take notes and highlight key points to aid in the report writing process. It is important to pay attention to the article’s relevance to Health Services Administration and any connections to concepts covered in the course textbook.

4. Students should then proceed to write a comprehensive document reporting on the chosen article. The document should include an introduction that provides background information on the article, the publication source, and the publication date. Additionally, the document should summarize the key points of the article, highlighting its relevance to Health Services Administration and potentially linking it to specific chapters within the course textbook.

5. Students must ensure that the document adheres to proper academic writing standards, including appropriate formatting, correctly cited references, and a clear and concise writing style. They should proofread and edit the document before submission to eliminate any errors or inconsistencies.

By following these steps, students can successfully complete Assignment #1 and fulfill the requirements outlined by the instructor. It is essential for students to be proactive in selecting an appropriate, reputable article and providing a comprehensive analysis in their document to demonstrate their understanding of Health Services Administration.

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