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For this assignment, please discuss how you would handle this


For this assignment, please discuss how you would handle this situation, legal ramifications, consequences, and etc. You will have until November 29th at 11:59 PM to post your response and respond to two or more classmates.  Please note the change in this assignment due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. 

Workplace Scenario

The female employee explained that while the two employees were leaving a work area, the male coworker turned off the lights, reached both arms around her and grabbed her breasts. The male coworker was interviewed and denied intentionally touching her breasts. He did admit he might have brushed against her breast with his elbow. Both employees indicated that they had been working together for approximately one year. They also both admitted that they had a close working and personal relationship on and off the job. They indicated that they had lunch together on a daily basis and had met outside the workplace at a cocktail lounge for drinks. They also admitted that they had hugged and kissed each other in the past.

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