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GCU Implementing Electronic Health Records Discussion Response Nursing Assignment Help

please respond to the following discussion post as a peer making a comment on the current discussion. 

For the implementation of the electronic health record at the hospital organization, there is a connection between the systems the organization uses and the implementation of the business plan. According to Moseley (2018, p.372), “Systems are collections of policies, procedures, and protocols, combined with people who understand them and their purposes, often supported by dedicated electronic information processing and communications equipment, that simplify and regularize the performance of routine, high volume tasks”. Systems can reinforce the business plan and are methods of structured communication for teams within an organization. An organization impacts the business plan because they must have the structure of the plan must align with the goals and values of the organization. The business plan has an impact on the organization because it requires the organization to discuss its ability to meet the business plan requirements before it can be implemented. Business plans can impact both financial and non-financial aspects of an organization.


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I completely agree with the connection between the systems the organization uses and the implementation of the business plan for electronic health records (EHR) at a hospital organization. As mentioned by Moseley (2018), systems are essential in simplifying and regularizing routine tasks, and electronic information processing and communications equipment play a crucial role in this process.

Aligning the structure of the business plan with the goals and values of the organization is indeed necessary for successful implementation. A business plan should outline the objectives, strategies, and resources needed to achieve the desired outcomes. Therefore, the organization must evaluate its capabilities and resources to determine if it can meet the requirements mentioned in the business plan.

Furthermore, the impact of a business plan extends beyond just financial aspects. It also influences non-financial aspects, such as the organization’s operational processes, communication channels, and team collaboration. The business plan sets the direction and provides a framework for decision-making, ensuring that everyone within the organization is aligned towards a common goal.

Considering these points, I believe that a well-developed business plan, supported by appropriate systems, is vital for the successful implementation of an electronic health record system in a hospital organization.

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