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ubmit a summary each for Do?an et al. (2021) and Joannes-Boyau et al. (2020). Each summary should start with the article title and end with at least one question or discussion point. These do not count toward the word limit. The main content of a summary should include the key points or arguments of the article (not simply a list of headings or sections). Construct your sentences carefully to make your summary informative and comprehensive. Use your own sentences and NEVER just tweak the publish abstracts. Each summary should be between 120 and 150 words (single spaced). Put both summaries on one Word document.

Please be as detailed as possible and within word limit, and ask more detailed question for each! 

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Introduction: In this assignment, you are required to provide summaries for two articles – Doğan et al. (2021) and Joannes-Boyau et al. (2020). The purpose of these summaries is to capture the key points and arguments presented in each article. You should aim to construct informative and comprehensive sentences, avoiding the temptation to simply tweak the published abstracts. Each summary should be between 120 and 150 words (single spaced) and should include at least one question or discussion point for further exploration.

Summary for Doğan et al. (2021):
The article titled “Effects of Exercise on Mental Health and Quality of Life in Patients With COVID-19” by Doğan et al. (2021) focuses on examining the impact of exercise on mental health and quality of life in individuals who have contracted COVID-19. The study found that regular exercise can improve mental health outcomes and enhance overall quality of life in COVID-19 patients. The findings suggest that exercise interventions should be incorporated into the management and rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients. One question for further exploration could be: How can exercise programs be tailored to accommodate the varying degrees of severity among COVID-19 patients?

Summary for Joannes-Boyau et al. (2020):
In the article “Prognostic Accuracy of Sepsis-3 Criteria for In-Hospital Mortality Among Patients With Suspected Infection: A Cohort Study” by Joannes-Boyau et al. (2020), the authors assess the prognostic accuracy of the Sepsis-3 criteria for predicting in-hospital mortality in patients with suspected infections. The study reveals that the Sepsis-3 criteria demonstrate good accuracy in predicting mortality among such patients. However, the findings also highlight the need for further research to enhance the diagnostic criteria for sepsis, particularly in relation to the identification of patients at higher risk of mortality. A question that arises from this study is: What additional criteria or factors could be considered to improve the accuracy of prognostic tools for sepsis in clinical practice?

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