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Information Management –Business Intelligence and Analytics &Technology Innovation

The report should be 4 pages + diagrams and tables in the appendix and discuss: -Your understanding of the case and frameworks presented in the -How the frameworks and related constructs are applied in the associated cases and why the constructs applied supportive of those organization’s business strategy -Are there other examples of organizations that either you have worked for, or in the news that have used a similar framework to solve a business problem

-What ideas and learnings can you apply from the Phoenix Project to this case Phoenix Project summary links: https://medium.com/@lopamudramisra/the-phoenix-project-summary-4fdfbabba318 https://www.magnusdelta.com/blog/2017/9/16/thephoenixprojectsummary https://www.adaptavist.com/blog/what-the-phoenix-project-can-teach-you-about-devops-and-it/

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