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MLA Essay writingTopic: The Impact of Social Media on the Mental Well-being of Adolescents and Young Adults (Ages14-20)

MLA Essay writing

Topic: The Impact of Social Media on the Mental Well-being of Adolescents and Young Adults (Ages14-20)

Essay type: Inquiry Paper

Essay length: 1000 words

Structures: Essay with more than five paragraphs

Proper formatting includes the following criteria:
MLA General Format
In-text citations
Works Cited page that follows all MLA guidelines
Typed, double-spaced in Times New Roman, 12-point font or Arial, 11-point font
course and section, and date of submission.
Use at least 6 outside sources from the YTC Library Databases.

Ideally, this assignment will serve several purposes. Completing it will allow you
to perform a critical reading of research sources
to demonstrate your ability to interpret and apply critical thinking
to establish a thesis-driven report
to conduct primary and/or secondary research on your chosen topic
to apply your research findings to your essay to support your main point(s)
to expand your prewriting and organizational skills, as you craft them into a larger project
to structure an essay logically
to employ varied sentence structure, effective diction, and an engaging style
to conform to conventional mechanics, spelling, and grammar

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