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Module 1 – SLPINTRODUCTION TO GLOBALIZATION; CULTURAL INTELLIGENCESLP Assignment OverviewWhat is cultural intelligence?Cultural

Module 1 – SLP


SLP Assignment Overview

What is cultural intelligence?

Cultural intelligence (CQ), which refers to the capability to adapt and function successfully in culturally
diverse environments, has been linked to positive individual-level outcomes in culturally diverse contexts,
including performance, interaction quality, interpersonal trust, work engagement, and innovation. Motivated
by the benefits of CQ, scholars have investigated factors that relate to individual differences in CQ, yet there
is still much to learn. Alexandra, Ehrhart, and Randel (2021) contribute to this emerging research by
examining the relationships between CQ, perceived inclusion, and perceived cultural diversity in

According to your assigned reading, the following are the key takeaways:

Culturally intelligent individuals are likely to perceive inclusion in workgroups.

Perceived inclusion in workgroups is associated with increases in individuals’ cultural intelligence (CQ)
over time.

Cultural diversity in workgroups strengthens the effect of perceived inclusion on CQ.

Required Readings

Alexandra, V., Ehrhart, K. H., & Randel, A. E. (2021). Cultural intelligence, perceived inclusion, and cultural
diversity in workgroups. Personality and Individual Differences, 168, 110285. Available in the Trident Online

• Retrieved from EBSCO eBooks in the Trident Online Library (click on “Additional Library Resources” under
the library search box on the TLC course home page. Then click “Business Source Complete.” Type the
article title in the search box).

SLP Assignment

Develop a paper that discusses one of the following statements from the Alexandra, Ehrhart, and Randel
(2021) required reading (p. 168) about cultural intelligence (CQ):

1. High CQ individuals are skilled at adjusting their mental schemas and habits to show awareness and
understanding of cultural differences. They are especially tolerant of cultural differences and unlikely to
make inaccurate and superficial judgments in cross-cultural interactions.

2. The tendencies of high CQ individuals to minimize outgroup distinctions and foster a sense of familiarity
and acceptance in relationships are likely to contribute to these individuals’ sense of belongingness,
which is an important aspect of one’s perceived inclusion in a workgroup.

3. Research has suggested that the positive outcomes of CQ tend to be stronger for individuals in diverse

4. When an individual perceives high levels of both inclusion and cultural diversity within his or her
workgroup, that individual can learn from different cultures, thereby allowing CQ to develop further.


5/1/24, 8:57 AM SLP – HRM403 Global HRM (2024APR29FT-1)


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One possible area of discussion could be to relate the selected comment to your workplace experiences.

A second potential discussion is of the three takeaways noted by the author. Do you agree with them? Why
or why not?

Your paper should be 2-3 pages (not counting your cover sheet, references). You are expected to deal with
these issues in an integrated fashion, rather than treating them as a series of individual questions to be
answered one by one. (This refers to the need for a transition that takes you from one paragraph to the
next. Here is an example of the start of a transition sentence: “This topic is related to the next discussion

Your professor is interested in what your selected comment means to you and how you interpret it in your
workplace. Because the focus of this is on you, this SLP assignment can be written in 1st person.

Structure of Submission:

1. Use your own words, rather than copying sentences from the article. Your paper should never contain
more than 10% of the words attributed to others.

2. Bring in at least one additional high-quality source to augment your discussion (peer-reviewed high-
quality references are found in the Trident Online Library).

3. Use 12-point type size (Times New Roman), double-spacing, and one-inch margins.

4. Add the required section headings, a cover page, and a reference list of high-quality peer-reviewed
academic references found in the Trident Online Library (one in addition to the required reading for this
assignment). Select “peer-reviewed” as a filter for results as well as a 3-year date range to obtain the
most recent published articles.

5. Cite your sources: APA Style – Trident encourages all students to comply with guidelines for proper
citation of references. See the Trident guide to APA Style, 7th edition or at the Purdue OWL website

SLP Assignment Expectations

Your submission will be assessed on the criteria found in the grading rubric for this assignment:

Assignment-Driven Criteria: cover all key elements of the assignment in a substantive way.

Critical thinking: Demonstrates mastery conceptualizing the problem. Viewpoints and assumptions are
analyzed, synthesized, and evaluated. Conclusions are logically presented with appropriate rationale.

Scholarly Writing: Uses scholarly writing to an appropriately specialized audience.

Assignment Organization and Quality References: Uses relevant and quality sources to support ideas,
and intext citations are properly formatted.

Timeliness of assignment: Assignment submitted on or before due date.

5/1/24, 8:57 AM SLP – HRM403 Global HRM (2024APR29FT-1)


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