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PART 1 21 Nursing Problems Theory by Faye Glenn Abdellah.



21 Nursing Problems Theory by Faye Glenn Abdellah.

It is a nursing theory focus on the idea that nursing is based on an art and science that molds the attitudes, intellectual competencies, and technical skills of the individual nurse into the desire and ability to help people, sick or well, cope with their health needs (Wayne, 2021). I have chosen this theory because of how it helps change the focus of nursing from disease-centered to patient-centered nursing care. It helps support and emphasized the importance of holistic nursing which involves taking care of patient as a whole body. This involves the physical, psychosocial, religious, and cultural care needs. Abdellah also included the care of family and the elderly. The extension of nursing care to involve beyond the patient receiving care further expand the importance of nursing and the extent to which nursing care is impactful in the life of patients receiving care. Abdellah’s theory looked at patient’s health which is the main reason why patient needs nursing service as a rather complex one beyond the disease focus nursing care. Her theory highlighted that health is a spectrum and patient are on various stage of healthy state which are not always physical or easily apparent but included less apparent health issues as well. More of a psychosocial health problem.

Looking at Abdellah’s nursing theory from a meta-paradigm standpoint, the person/individual is regarded as the patient or any individual receiving care and services of a nursing whether ill/well and their family. Abdellah did not specifically define health in her theory but rather refer to health or the achieving of health as the purpose of nursing services. She spoke of health as total health needs and a healthy state of mind and soul. She stated that society/environment is included in planning optimal health on includes local, state, and international level of society. Based on her theory, nursing service goal is to identify patient’s health problems apparent or concealed and solving those problems with the goal of enhancing patient’s wellbeing (Gonzalez, 2021).


Personal Philosophy of Nursing

My choice of nursing theory for this week’s post embodies a significant amount of my personal view of the nursing profession. Nursing is the profession that entails the embodiment of learning, caring, and delivering compassionate care to patients and their families. It is a profession that requires self-sacrifice and lifelong dedication to learning and impacting lives. Nursing is a hard yet rewarding profession. On many occasion nurses are called to care for patients young and old, rich, and poor, and of varying backgrounds, day and night, through difficult time like the one (COVID-19) we are currently going through now. Sacrificing and risking our lives in the front line caring and helping those with disease get through the difficulties of illness. It takes more than a mere desire to maintain compassionate nursing care through the challenges nurses face.

I believe that I possess those essential qualities a nurse must have and much more to excel as a nurse. Some of the skills like being self-driven, hardworking, compassionate, and being detail oriented, have I developed over the years through my innate dedication to positively impact lives. I intend to continue to grow and develop through education, practice, and research so I can become a better nurse and thus continue to impact the nursing profession positively, whether by training younger generation of nurses, and/or directly impacting healthcare policy and service through volunteering and advocatory services.  However, as I continue to grow as a nurse, I will ensure to make a positive impact on at least one patient/family member/colleague every day by taking actions however minuscule it may be to help them move closer to their healthy state-of-mind goal.  I particularly value nursing as an advocate of health and wellness for the patient’s they serve. It means the most to me as a nurse. Many occasions over the years as a nurse, I have had to advocate for my patient’s, helping them attain a better health outcome. It always brings me great joy to see the impact it has on my patient and the verifiable benefits they gained from my advocacy. It is one of the major reasons I have fell in love with the nursing profession.

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