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Read all the instruction in the pdfENVIRONMENT, ETHICS, Global Politics AND HUMAN HEALTHTOPIC PROPOSALScientists use information from

Read all the instruction in the pdf



Scientists use information from scientific studies to research and design experiments. Scientists
use primary, peer-reviewed, scientific literature to keep up-to-date on developments happening
around the globe. Background information is an integral step in the scientific research process.
For the ‘Environment, Ethics, & Human Health’ assignment, you will be writing a Primary
Literature Review. You will choose a main topic and one or more sub-topics and use primary,
peer-reviewed, literature to discuss your topic of choice. Once you have read the primary
literature on your topic and sub-topics, you will compile the information. The paper must be
written in your own words, you MAY NOT copy or quote any portion(s) of the literature you
review. Detailed instructions for the writing assignment are in a separate document on Canvas.

This topic proposal is your guide to get you started on the topic choice and outline process
which is needed for writing any good paper. Once completed, upload this worksheet to Canvas.
You will receive feedback on your topic choice and outline submitted. Please allow up to two
weeks after the due date to receive feedback.

Writing Prompt:

Many issues affect the environment such as pollution, global warming, disease, and
resource availability. These issues are not isolated or stopped by some boundaries
drawn on a map and all can have a direct effect on human health. For this assignment,
you will write your paper based on topics that look at environmental issues and their
impact on human health with a global and Political scope.

This assignment will help you go from general to specific as you decide on your topic. You will
choose a main topic, one or more sub-topic(s), and global environments to research.
Researching, outlining, and writing multiple drafts are all requirements of writing a good paper.

Answer the following questions based on information from the Research Methods lecture:

Research Methods

1. In your own words, describe the difference between primary, secondary, and tertiary

2. What is meant by ‘peer-reviewed journal’ and why are these sources so important?

3. Specifically, where can you get free, full text peer-reviewed journal articles?

4. For writing a paper at an appropriate level for this class, list the areas of a peer-reviewed
journal article that will be most useful. (You may choose from: ABSTRACT,


First and foremost this paper is about HUMANS and the Natural Environment. Please
keep that in mind when you are choosing your topics and writing your paper.

1. First, choose ONE of the following major health topics as your main topic. In your final
paper, you may address more than one of these, but for now please just choose one.
(Choose by deleting all the choices, except the one you wish to write upon. (All the below
topics are meant to

refer to humans only):

Cardiovascular System
DNA/Genetic Diversity
Respiratory System
Immunity/Immune System
Digestive System
Cells & Tissues
Sexual Reproduction
Fetal/Early Childhood Physical (Anatomical/Physiological) Development Skeletomuscular

2. Next, choose one or two of the following global environment sub-topics to address in
your paper.

Give some serious thought as to how you are going to directly correlate your main topic to your
chosen sub-topic(s). The sub-topics below can be focused on humans, non-human living
organisms or non-living components of the environment. Examples of non-living components of
the environment are: pollution, chemicals, water, soil, etc. (Choose by deleting all the
choices, except the one or two you wish to write upon).

Plastics Food/Agriculture/Soil
Access to clean water
Pollution (choose one: air, water, soil, food, etc.)

3. Next, choose your locations. In this paper you must use examples from at least one
developed nation and one developing nation. You will give examples of how your subtopic
relates to your main health topic. Your developed nation can be the United States, but it is not
required. You may change your nations later on. You may use “2ndworld countries” or “3rdworld
countries” for your developing nations. (PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH TO FIND

List of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) per the United Nations:

List of developed nation according to the United Nations (go down to page 154):


Your developed nation examples will come from which country?

Your developing nation examples will come from which country?

4. Do some research! Now that you have your main topic and sub-topic(s), do some
background research to help you define your paper’s focus and how you will connect your main
topic and sub-topic. Using the correct APA format, properly cite TWO peer-reviewed journals
that will support your chosen topic.

5. Topic Statement: Based on your topic choices from above and your preliminary research,
describe how you are going to connect your topics and list 3 specific examples you will use in

your paper. Think about how your global environmental issues sub-topics impact human health,
well-being, and disease in your chosen area of the body. You can always change these as you
begin to write your paper.

Topic Statement (Specifically, what will your paper be about? How will you address the writing

List your 3 examples of how you will support your topic statement:

6. Write your outline! Below, outline your paper. You do not need an enormous amount of
detail, but the reader should be able to get the overall impression of what your paper is about,
what major examples you will use, and if your paper seems to have a logical flow of ideas. You
are not locked into this outline after submission; this will only be used to begin the writing
process. Need help with your paper’s outline? Check out:
– There is no required format for this, other
than you should use a full sentence outline structure with the following major headings:

I. Introduction

II. Main point 1

III. Main point 2

IV. Main point 3

V. Conclusion

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