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respond to professor APA format 100 words minimum reference need

 respond to professor

APA format 

100 words minimum 

reference need to be from textbook

microbiology- a system approach-sixth edition

I upload the article the professor reply to and awaiting my response.

thank you so much

20.       Rhizobium leguminosarum

Thanks for your post.  Here is an addition to the discussion. Consider Bradyrhizobium japonicum, for example.  B. japonicum is a gram negative, rod-shaped, nitrogen-fixing bacterium which develops a mutualistic symbiosis with the soybean plant Glycine Max. B. japonicum belongs to the family, Rhizobiaceae which includes many other nitrogen-fixing bacteria that are symbiotic with legumes. What are the details of this relationship? The plant provides the bacterium with a “safe” environment and a steady supply of carbon for energy and growth. This carbon source is referred to as photosynthate which is created from the product of photosynthesis. In most rhizobium / legume symbiosis, photosynthate refers to the dicarboxylic acids, succinate, fumarate and malate.  In return, the bacteria provide the plant with fixed nitrogen; that is, nitrogen gas which has been reduced and converted into a form readily utilized by the plant. The result of this symbiosis is a dramatic increase in plant production without the need for adding external fertilizer.  A big benefit!

Best, Dr. “R”

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