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Revise your Strategic Integration Plan according to the results of


Revise your Strategic Integration Plan according to the results of the Solution Testing. Solution testing results attached here.

The Strategic Integration Plan must follow this structure:


a. Executive summary

i. An executive summary is designed primarily to serve the person who, at least initially, does not intend to read the entire report. It usually states the main points of each section and emphasizes results, conclusions, and recommendations, usually in around three pages.

ii. Executive summaries are ideally suited to the needs of leaders who are seeking advice about a decision or a course of action. These summaries are called executive summaries because some decision makers rely wholly upon their advisors to read and evaluate the rest of the report.

iii. For the purposes of this assignment, the executive summary should be no more than two pages and should concentrate on the background of the problem, current state, and a summary of recommended solutions.

b. Organized sections of proposed solutions (for example, goals, objectives, action steps, protocols, resources, definition of terms, etc.)

c. References in APA format (for scholarly or practitioner resources that are cited or used within the plan)

d. ​Appendices (OPTIONAL—attached materials, tools, documents, samples, templates, etc. that are part of the solution)

Please include below points

2. The Change Management Plan must address the following:​

a. What will be improved with this solution? How will the problem be solved?

b. What is the process for using and communicating the Strategic Integration Plan among the organization’s leaders and employees?

c. What additional resources may be needed for successful implementation?

d. How will implementation be monitored for resistance (a normal part of change)?

e. How will successful virtuous leadership and team performance be celebrated?

f. What is the process for reviewing, revising, and continuously improving the solution?

Please make sure all the above points are included add at least 5 APA 7th edition references and make sure in text references are added for each sentence. 

minimum 6 pages of work required

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