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See Attached How will you know whether your approach is proving successful or needs to be refined or adjusted? You must measure the effectiveness

See Attached 

How will you know whether your approach is proving successful or needs to be refined or adjusted? You must measure the effectiveness of your plan. Recall your learning on HR scorecards, benchmarking, dashboards, and return on investment (ROI), among other key concepts. Which measurements will serve as tools for analyzing the data to evaluate your plan? You need a method to determine actual performance, and this will be used to match performance to the overall organizational strategic goal.

Technology, if appropriately managed and aligned with organizational mission, is an invaluable tool for the HRM professional. As businesses rely more on metrics and analytics to drive decision making, technology takes on added importance. Human resource information systems (HRIS) and other technologies can improve services and connect an organization. Technology can increase efficiency and productivity among staff members in HRM. Mastery of the strategic use of technology is vital.

The next component of your capstone project looks at how HR is expected to recommend system enhancements to increase efficiency and productivity for your selected topic of research, organization, and problem or opportunity. As technology advances quickly, it is important for HR professionals to have a deep understanding of organizational mission and ethics to stay ahead of upcoming legislation that regulates the use of technology.

For this assessment, create an approach to measuring the effectiveness of your plan. Note: This is the second component of your capstone project. Each assessment should be completed in order so that you can use the feedback received to improve your work and build upon to complete your project.

Include the following in your plan:

· Develop a strategy to measure the success of the effectiveness improvement plan.

· Include a consideration of various measurements such as an HR scorecard, benchmarking, dashboard, and ROI computations.

· Describe the use of technology within your plan.

· Assess the risks and benefits of a technology systems improvement.

· Include the strategic considerations and alignment with the organizational mission.

· Analyze both the ethical and the legal responsibilities that relate to the organization and in society as a whole.

The deliverable for this assessment applies professional skills in HRM to workplace situations that you will likely encounter in your day-to-day work in human resources. As part of your learning, focus on the development of effective professional communication skills for the workplace. Your assessment should meet the following additional requirements:

Length: 3–5 typed, double-spaced pages, plus the cover and resources pages.

· The first page should be a cover sheet with your name, the course number, assessment title, and date. No other information is required on this page.

· The last page should be the reference list.

Organization: Make sure that your assessment writing is well organized, using headings and subheadings to organize content for the reader.

Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

Resources: Use at least 3–5 references and include both trade publications and peer-reviewed articles.

Evidence: Support your assertions with data and/or in-text citations.

APA formatting: Resources and in-text citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting.

Written communication:

· Support main points, assertions, and conclusions, or recommendations with relevant and credible evidence.

· Use spell-check and other tools to ensure correct spelling and grammar.

Review the Metric, Analytics, and Other Measurements scoring guide and the HRM Effectiveness Improvement Plan course project description before submitting to ensure that you have met the expectations of this assessment.

Portfolio Prompt: You should consider adding this assessment to your personal ePortfolio. This assessment demonstrates your ability to research and write about technology, including metrics, analytics, and other measurements, as it relates to your organization, and problem or opportunity. This skill is necessary in a professional setting when you are trying to make recommendations. You will want to organize your assessments to easily support future reflection and to showcase your knowledge with employers after graduation. For more information on ePortfolio, visit the Campus

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