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SOWK 501Professionalism Self-Assessment Assignment InstructionsInstructions For this assignment, you

SOWK 501

Professionalism Self-Assessment Assignment Instructions


For this assignment, you will complete a self-assessment of your professionalism in regard to the criteria outlined below. You will use the
Professionalism Self-Assessment provided under the
Professionalism Self-Assessment Resources section located on the assignment page. A self-assessment example will also be provided on the assignment page.

In accordance with the Social Work Student Handbook, these are the Professional Performance Skills and Expectations: 

· Adherence to the Department Attendance Policy

· Professional and respectful written communication

· Punctuality 

· Completion of readings and assignments 

· Completion of all assignments on time and to Liberty University level standards 

· Use of appropriate netiquette in responses to peers, staff, and faculty 

· Work collaboratively and cooperatively with others 

· Demonstration of respect for others’ opinions 

· Demonstration of a willingness to understand and respect diversity regarding race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, disability, and sexual orientation 

· Demonstration of and commitment to the essential values and ethical standards of social work specified in the NASW Code of Ethics and the NACSW Statement of Faith and Practice 

· Use of appropriate self-disclosure 

· Demonstration of critical thinking skills 

· Demonstration of self-awareness in assessing own strengths, limitations, and suitability for ethical practice 

· Exhibition of an understanding of how one’s values, attitudes, beliefs, emotions, and past experiences affect thinking, behavior, and relationships. 

· Clear articulation of ideas, thoughts, and concepts through effective oral communication 

· Manages constructive feedback well

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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