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The collapse of the Roman Empire

 HIST 101-020N WESTERN CIVILIZATION I: PAPER Requirements: Write a 5-7 page paper. The paper should be typed and double-spaced. Your paper should have 12-point font, Times New Roman, and 1-inch margins on all sides. This paper should answer the following question: Question: Choose just ONE of the three questions to answer: (1) Coinage was a vital tool in western civilization. Compare and contrast the coinage systems of three ancient western civilizations of your choice (from the Sumerians through the Franks). What similarities existed, if any, in the coinage systems of the three civilizations you examined? What differences existed in these coinage systems? What were the values of the coins minted in each of the three civilizations you chose? How were the coins shaped? (2) The collapse of the Roman Empire was one of the most pivotal moments in western civilization. Identify three different explanations offered by three different historians for the downfall of the Roman Empire. Explain the reasoning provided by those historians to verify their case. In your opinion, which of the three explanations you examined makes the most sense and why? (Note: there is no right or wrong answer to that italics question. The key to answering that question is how you provide justification for your opinion on that question. Use specific examples to help you with that.) (3) Choose three civilizations of your choice in ancient western civilization. Examine their law codes. Describe the similarities and differences between the principles in these three legal codes. What did these codes say about society and values in these three civilizations? Did the codes provide due process? What privileges and rights were guaranteed to particular citizens under each code? Is there any potential influence for each civilization’s law codes? For instance, did another civilization play an influencing role over another’s law code? Be specific with each answer. Citations: For this paper,  do a little research. You need at least THREE SOURCES for this paper. You are free to use either books or journal articles as sources. You are also free to use any database on NVCC’s library page for journal articles. But DO NOT USE ANY INTERNET SOURCE OUTSIDE OF A LIBRARY DATABASE. Also, you cannot use the textbook as a source either. At the very end of your 5-7 page paper, insert a bibliography to indicate the sources you used. The bibliography does NOT count towards the 5-7 page requirement for the paper. If you are borrowing a thought or reference from a source in the body of your paper, you need to include a citation. For this paper, you may use parenthetical citation (Author’s name, Title, page number).

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