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The Negative Impact of Social Media on Real-Life Relationships

 1.Write 2 more pages of paragraphs to improve my paper, they could be anywhere you feel need to add something since my professor requires 6 pages at least. 2. Please add 1 page of an Annotated Bibliography!! Here some thoughts:  make a slight mention of how the Internet enabled people to use social media in the past. For example, in the past, people could only use their home computers to chat on the Internet, but they could not take social media with them as people can do today. Secondly, because social media can be carried everywhere nowadays, we spend more time on social media and have less communication with each other, families, friends. For example, in the past, if students came to class early, they were more inclined to chat, because they would feel bored with nothing to do. Nowadays, students are all playing with their mobile phones, and there is no more communication. You can use more examples and evidence. Such social isolation makes people lonelier. When people are more lonely, it affects their health psychologically.  This paper is Research how an aspect in your field of study has been impacted by technology. PLEASE follow and check the checklist down below: 1. An MLA heading on page 1 at the top left, the title two spaces below the heading, centered across the middle of the page 3. A Works Cited page after the end of the paper with at least six credible sources that are alphabetized according to the last name of the author (or the title if there is no author) 4. An Annotated Bibliography following the Works Cited page with at least six entries 5. In-text citations that are properly formatted according to MLA referring to the author’s last name and page number if applicable 6. MLA formatting throughout the paper (including 12″ New Times Roman font, double-spacing, and 1″ margins) Check that Essay 2 does the following: 1. Includes an introduction that engages the readers and provides enough context to help them understand the two parts of the topic or issue: technology and the major (or future career) 2. Includes a clear thesis that lays out a connection between technology and the major (or future career) 3. Has body paragraphs that are logically sequenced with each one having a specific focus connected to the thesis 4. Cites at least one source in every paragraph and appropriately integrates it, clearly distinguishing it from the writer’s own ideas 5. Analyzes the information from the different sources and doesn’t just summarize it 6. Ends the paper with a strong conclusion that leaves the readers caring about the topic or issue and understanding its importance

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