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What are the learning effects of students bullying in classrooms?

Basic Requirements. • Length: 5-6 pages, not including the Works Cited page* • Works Cited • MLA Format (8th edition) • Four sources total (two popular sources and two scholarly, peer-reviewed sources from the Wake Tech library databases) • Direct quotes must be synthesized accurately, utilizing the “quote sandwich” method. Reference each source at least once in the essay. Include a minimum of 4 direct quotes and 1 paraphrase. Sources may be referenced more than once; however, avoid referencing source material too much. Sources are used to support your own ideas. • Formal Writing Voice *NOTE: Essays are graded proportionally, so if you submit 2 ½ pages for a 5-page essay, you are only submitting half of the work. Therefore, this paper is a 50/F before it is assessed against rubric requirements. In other words, you must meet the minimum page requirement to avoid additional points being deducted from the overall grade. Be aware that exceeding the page limit is grounds for point deduction, as well. Assignment For this assignment, you will compose a research essay on a topic relating to the theme “Education.” Your purpose is expository, meaning you will be explaining/describing an aspect of education. As such, you will maintain a neutral, objective tone. Your role as the author is to present the information, supported by your research, not to make an argument or propose a solution to a perceived problem. Below are some possible topics that you may wish to explore further, but you are welcome to research anything that intrigues you, as long as it is appropriate to an academic audience. Be sure to use textual evidence to support your claims, interpret the quotes sufficiently, and synthesize multiple sources in each paragraph. In this way, you are facilitating a conversation between your authors, acting as the moderator and interpreter. Sample focus ideas include the following: • Critical thinking as the primary goal for educational progress • Education and modern technologies, their positive and/or negative impacts

• How the educational policy differs between certain countries • School uniforms • Bullying in classrooms • Teaching methods for different learning styles • Education and gender: Same-sex schools in comparison to co-ed education Organization To organize your essay, you must use the resources in the LB Brief focused on research, “Research Writing,” Chapters 51-57. _______________________________________________________________________ Follow the standard structure of an academic essay. (Note: You may have more than three body paragraphs.) Introduction Paragraph  Hook  General information presenting the significance of your topic  Gently lead the reader to the thesis  The last sentence of the introduction should be the thesis statement Topic Sentence  Supporting Details/Examples  Closing sentence Topic Sentence  Supporting Details/Examples  Closing sentence Topic Sentence  Supporting Details/Examples  Closing sentence Conclusion  Emphasize the main idea of the thesis statement  Provide supporting details from body paragraphs  Answer the question: SO WHAT? (Leave your reader with the significance of why this topic/idea matters.)

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